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In the Spring of 2020 Coach Packet by Front Rush will be transitioning to a new platform.

NCSA and Front Rush have teamed up to launch Coach Packet by NCSA, the new platform that will host all 2020 Coach Packet events.

What does this mean for Coach Packet by Front Rush users? When the transition is complete, you will lose any/all access to your Coach Packet by Front Rush account and will be unable to log in to your account via mobile app or web browser. Your past/upcoming events, including saved notes, tags and more will be deleted.

How do I export my data?

1. Log in to your Coach Packet by Front Rush account. 2. Select an individual Coach Packet by Front Rush event. 3. Choose which data you'd like to save by clicking the checkbox to the left of each athlete or schedule. 4. Select EXPORT TO CSV at the bottom of the screen. 5. Repeat these steps for each event you'd like to save.

Are there any similar apps I can download? Yes! Coach Packet by NCSA is a premier digital recruiting tool that provides everything you need to find and evaluate athletes at large events. Learn more about Coach Packet by NCSA and how it can help you with your recruiting goals here:

If you have questions about exporting your data or transitioning to Coach Packet by NCSA please contact the Coach Packet Customer Support Team at

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