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Pause. Rewind.

Let's start at the beginning.

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So you are going to be attending a big recruiting event this weekend and the anxiety of getting your schedule set-up, your paperwork in place, and your bags fully packed starts kicking in. You're a pro at this by now but it's still no walk in the park. In the past you may not have received the data in advance but even if you did, it was in Excel or Word and boy is that no fun. But this time, the anxiety dissipates at the speed of your top athlete because now you just have to sign in to Coach Packet.

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Access data before the event.

A big grin spreads across your face as you sign into Coach Packet and find all of the data for your upcoming event. This includes all of your athlete data, your game schedules and team info.

Coach this is amazing

Set your schedule

Next you set your schedule in advance by assigning yourself or other coaches to games you want to check out. You may even relax for a brief second knowing that your entire schedule for the weekend has been set in just a couple of light minutes instead of a couple brutal hours. You know all of the games that you will be checking out, all the athletes you want to see, and even some back-ups for when you have a free minute.


Evaluate Recruits at the Event

So you fly, drive, run to the events and the games have already started. You are ready though because you have pulled out your iPad which is equipped with the Coach Packet iPad app that you downloaded for free from the app store. You've also pulled up Coach Packet on your iPhone and Android as well because, well... why not?

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Rank athletes with custom ratings you determine.

The next few hours are hectic like any recruiting day. The event is packed, the athletes are top-notch, and you are particularly on your game. While you are watching athletes, in Coach Packet you are starring them and ranking them using criteria that you set.


Find new athletes.

Take notes on your favorites.

You are finding new athletes that haven't crossed your radar in the past. You laugh for a bit as the wind picks up and you think about the days of holding paper packets in place. But no time for laughs, the athleticism of #22 is mind-blowing and you've already pulled up their profile on your iPad to take some notes.



Woah! The event is over and you are back at the office going through all of your notes, athletes, ratings, and evaluations. You saw so much talent that you wish you could go back and watch the games again to re-evaluate and then it hits you - videos for all of the games are now on Coach Packet!

Gray camera Gray camera Gray camera

You immediately pull up #22 and confirm their athleticism. You start watching all of the Diggstown Boxers games. You call up the other members on your staff and you just start pouring through all of the video. You are confirming your initial thoughts on athletes, finding new ones, and hitting rewind over and over again to watch that smashing play from the committed athlete who will be starting for you next year. Great recruiting!!!

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Add to Front Rush

Then comes the cherry on top. You are also a Front Rush user. All of that data is automatically synced by clicking 'Add to Front Rush.' Boom!

Add to front rush boom

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